APPLICATION DEADLINE for 2024-2025 is Mar 31, 2024
Please note our new address; do not send payments or correspondence to the old address (Mumma Rd.)

Covid-19 Related Changes and Deadlines

Updated 2/25/2023

The James K. Adams and Arlene L. Adams Foundation has been monitoring and assessing the evolving impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and has currently decided on the following adaptations to its 2023-2024 student application process:

1. The deadline for applications and mail-in documents for the 2023-2024 academic year is February 25, 2023 Extended to March 25, 2023. Please, take note: this deadline is somewhat earlier than deadlines of prior years.

2. Students are as always encouraged to complete applications in full in advance of the deadline. Please do not rely on last-minute completion of the application or supporting documents. Please carefully note that there is lead time required for third-party supplied documents to be produced and sent to the Foundation. Your application is not deemed completed without this required documentation.

3. Recommendation letters from educators and guidance counselors may now be transmitted by email when they are emailed from an educational institution's official email system. The email should be directed to Trustees [at] Adams.Foundation.

4. Other recommendation letters and mail-in documents should still be forwarded to the Foundation by US mail.

5. There may be long delivery times for mail inbound to the Foundation and additional time needed for processing mail. Please DO allow extra time for mailpieces to be processed.

6. Revised procedures for conducting applicant interviews will be applied this year; further details will be communicated to applicants as needed.

7. Student applicants are encouraged to check this page for any further updates.

8. Email Communications with applicants and recipients are CRITICAL. In order to receive email announcements, applicants should add "trustees" and "website" mailboxes (both from the Adams.Foundation domain) to their own email contact lists, and should periodically check their email system spam folders to avoid any missed but important email communications.